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What jobs are there for sociology majors?

I want to major in Sociology but I don't know what jobs are there for it? Does it work for social work? college major work social sociology

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4 answers

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Kelly’s Answer


I would also add from personal experience (as a Sociology major myself) that it is a really good background to have in general. You can always teach and do research with Sociology. I didn't particularly want to do that when I was an undergrad, so I ended up going to law school. Sociology served to be an excellent background for law school, and for future study since it teaches you to recognize patterns in behavior and things like that.

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Ursula’s Answer

Hi Joana,

I would like you to check out another website:

It gives an idea about careers, professional organizations you can join, and links to other sites re: employment.

Good luck to you in your quest. Let me know how it goes.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Joana!

First is a question: If you do not know what jobs are available in sociology, why do you find it an interesting field to pursue?

Here are two sites that will provide ideas about possible jobs:

Send thank you notes to those who help you. Please keep me posted. I would like to follow your progress!

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Yolonda’s Answer

Hi Joana,

Sociology is very broad so you can do almost anything with it. I majored in sociology and received my masters in social work. I did not know what sociology was when I was in high school or as a freshman in college. I kind of fell into the major once i noticed what courses I was excelling in. With a Bachelors in Sociology you can go into law school, you can take the pre-reqs to become a nurse (accelerated nursing programs) you can go into human resources, criminal justice, education, etc.