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What Does Career Entry After Military Service Look Like?

Asked Warren, Indiana

I'm currently looking at getting a Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineer before commissioning as an Air Force officer. If I were to get out after ~4-10 years, would I find myself at any major disadvantage for when looking for a job? Or would it be better to go for a full 20 years?

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Joe’s Answer

Updated Nashville, Tennessee
Ask yourself this: If you invested 4-10 years increasing your skill-set, broadening your management skills, and fine tuning your abilities do you believe you would be at a disadvantage in a career search? Here's the thing...the military brings you on to do a job. But we also provide you unbelievable opportunities for training, travel, education, experience, etc. It is up to you to take advantage of those opportunities and grow yourself to meet your goals. I served 22 years in the Air Force and almost got out after 10 years. At my 10 year point I had several opportunities to choose from but decided to stay. I guaged the Air Force was best suited to continue my growth (education and experience) to where today I design data storage solutions for companies world-wide. You make your own opportunities...by looking at the options and setting a plan to achieve what you seek. Whether you serve for 4 or 20 years, the benefits of honorable service are things employers look for!
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