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How can I find internships to get ahead in astrophysics research?

I want to become an astrophysicist and would like to find internships to pursue during summers while out of school. Also any other kinds of physics research would be nice as well. physics astrophysics science astronomy

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3 answers

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Hina’s Answer

Find organizations that have funded research opportunities. Ask where their funding comes from and the project milestones. Also, look into government areas like NASA, Lawrence Labs, and universities like UC Santa Cruz that manages the Lick Observatory.

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Cori’s Answer

If you are an undergraduate student, I highly recommend looking into a Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU). Many universities and research laboratories have these every summer. NSF has a list of REU opportunities as well as the American Astronomical Society (AAS). A quick search of REU Astronomy will pull up a lot of helpful resources.
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William’s Answer

Your best bet is search with NASA or one of the private companies that are space related (building satellites, launch vehicles, ...etc). To get started, you should try to join one of your local astronomy clubs and attend some of their star parties and talks. You not only see incredible views of night sky objects, but also make very valuable connections with people in the astronomy fields. Good luck!!