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Can you be a surgeon?

Updated Boise, Idaho

Why is being a surgeon rarely ever thought about or too vague? Is it too hard and competitive? What medical school is the best? What are all the steps to be successful in this particular path?
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M. Christina’s Answer

Updated Oakland, California

Hi Zahraa,

I am not a surgeon but do work in the medical field. To be a surgeon you must finish your bachelor's degree at a 4 year college, then attend medical school (4 years), then complete a medical residency (at least 3 years) followed by another several years of fellowship. There are many medical schools to choose from, but the best way to start is to do well in your undergraduate studies and "pre-med" courses (you can still choose your own major, but would need to complete specific courses in order to qualify to apply to medical school). Med school applicants also need to do well on the MCAT (a standardized test) in order to apply. Once you are in med school you can choose your specialty track.

Hope that's a helpful start!

M. Christina recommends the following next steps:

  • Talk with your high school counselor about applying to 4 year universities for college if you have not already been accepted.
  • Once you are enrolled in college, there are counselors there who can help you get into the right classes so you can be ready and eligible to apply to medical school.