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Besides Los Angeles and New York City, what other cities in the U.S. have growing film industries?

Not everyone (including me) wants to live in such big places as Los Angeles and New York City. But I realize that to get a job in the industry, I may have to move to those cities. Those cities are also very saturated with job seekers. I was just wondering if there are other cities that could offer film-related job opportunities. #film-production #motion-pictures-and-film #film

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3 answers

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Rich’s Answer

Atlanta - it's got a strong base of shows and films there, and they're short of workers. The local paper there runs "industry needs more below-the-line workers" fairly often. It's not as hectic as L.A. or NYC, but has good food and music and other big-city fun. Chicago has work, but it's a little tougher to break into. Austin has a scene, but from what I've been told it's pretty insular, so tough to break in if you don't know someone.

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Richard’s Answer

There are several other big markets for film and TV production. Atlanta is the biggest. New Orleans has a lot of work. Places like Texas, Utah and Hawaii have their share of work too. An internet search will show many places that have film production. Miami is another market. Orlando FL is big due the theme parks and Disneys big presence there

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Ben’s Answer

At the moment I'm living in Portland Oregon and it's definitely one of those areas that's getting bigger in the film industry.