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How do I become director

sorry the one I give you was a mistake, so same like my past and dream. #director #motion-pictures-and-film #film #film-production

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2 answers

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Bowen’s Answer

This will be a very tough goal, many times harder than becoming a CEO of a 1000 people company. There aren't many movie production companies, and there aren't many movie director open positions. You need the following at the minimum:
1. Top movie school college degree (e.g. USC)
2. True passion (not just trying to be a popular kid) in movie career
3. Have connections in the industry
4. Keep trying and never give up
5. OK to be on low/unstable salary for years
6. OK if you do not make it to movie director eventually

I don't want to discourage you on this career path --- you might be the next Andy Lee of Steven Spielberg. But you have 100x success rate if you go for a more common career (millions of openings), such as medical doctor, software developer, lawyer, etc)

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Adam’s Answer

I think a good starting exercise is being more precise with your questions - this one is quite vague and "director" can mean many things career wise. It will be hard for any of us to help you without some clarification.