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What are some career options for political scientists?

I know I could become a professor or a lawyer (after law school). Are there any other notable options with such a degree?

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2 answers

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Warren’s Answer

Besides teaching political science or other subjects or practicing law, you can consider public administration, journalism (print, radio, TV, etc.), or the U.S. Foreign Service at the Department of State (which can make you a diplomat overseas). You can also become an elections consultant (adviser to candidates, campaigner), speech writer, pollster, community organizer )(that worked out well for President Obama).

Warren recommends the following next steps:

If any of these occupations sound interesting, find someone in your community who has such a job and call him or her, asking for an informational interview.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Liam!

You could work on political campaigns. If you are big on statistics, you could do research. Urban Planning. Fundraising (on a high level). Honestly, many jobs just want a degree, any degree, so there will be many options available to you. And you will change careers three to five times throughout your working years, and the experience of each job will help you land the next ones.

You should continue to research this and see where it takes you!