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What IT discipline is the most lucrative?

Full stack, date science, just to name a couple. Which discipline is the most lucrative and makes you the most hire-able as a boot-camp graduate with no professional experience?

Heard a experienced python programmer was hired for over 100k Ryan N.

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3 answers

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Patrick’s Answer

For the most part, technical presales will get you the most money. A good presales engineer has unlimited income potential with both salary and commission structures. The more you sell the more you make.

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Kristin’s Answer

I agree with Patrick - technical presales is about as lucrative as they come. In a technology field, you often find people with good tech skills, fewer with good people skills, and far and away the fewest with both. It's not cheap - but the people I've seen go the farthest in their career have a technically oriented undergraduate degree (computer science, data science, or even marketing) and an MBA. That combination is very powerful.

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Adam’s Answer

I hear you. I like making money, too. However, you need to ALSO consider what fits you.

EXAMPLE: Programming (software development) has huge Pro's. If you are good, you can work remotely and pick up extra side-work as you want it. However, I hate sitting in front of a display all day writing code. I also don't love learning new languages and tools constantly. So, personally, I can't do that successfully with passion long-term. I could grit through it if I had to, short-term.

NINE IT DOMAINS: Gartner helpfully classifies IT into 9 domains: app dev, app support, datacenter, helpdesk, financial/administration, management, data networking, voice networking, end user compute. Large IT departments are typically structured approximately along these lines.

IDEAS: If you just need a technology job ASAP, get a VMware VCP cert or Cisco Networking (CCNA) cert or Amazon Web Services (AWS) certs, and start applying for entry-level jobs.

WAYS IN: The way in as a "IT/Business Analyst" usually requires Bachelor's degree. I started in Tech. Support (15 years ago), did various increasing technical and managerial roles in IT, and settled as a Sr. Manager with lucrative salary. Management is definitely the best path for ME.