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At what point in your college experience is it best to confirm your major?

Asked Sacramento, California

I like many other high schoolers am not 100% confident of the career I want to pursue yet, but I also do not want to end up spending any extreme time in college than I must. I am afraid that if I do not go in with a set plan, I will not be able to finish in four years.
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1 answer

Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Alanna While there are no set rules it is advisable to know upfront what you want to do before you start studying. If you are not sure you could take a Gap Year and do part time income generating work. Not finishing is a different issue. Registering to study and paying for it when you are not sure what you want to do is a problem. You will be wasting time and money. Do some research, talk to an appropriate person or do shadow job training at a company to decide.
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