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Noah Jun 15 158 views

what should i know concerning my interest in software engineering?

what should i know concerning my interest in software engineering

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James Jun 12 404 views

What are the most effective strategies for finding a position in the IT field as either a Computer Programmer or Software Developer?

Currently attending Job Corps to receive my certifications for this field, I intend to eventually pursue further education in this field so that I can be more successful but for now I have my High School diploma.

Olaniyan’s Avatar
Olaniyan Apr 23 407 views

How do I find a part time computer science while attending a part time program on computer science ?

I am attending a part time degree in computer science and I also want to apply for a part time job on computer science. Pls I would appreciate your advice and review on the matter

Phil’s Avatar
Phil Apr 30 451 views

How do I as a Grade 10 ?

How do I as a Grade 10. I am an aspiring computer programmer studying computer science in school what are the key subjects

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Jonathan Jan 28 823 views

Is it better to apply to many places for internships or focus on submitting personalized applications for a few places you are really interested in?

Some of my friends have told me that when applying to internships, especially in computer science, the thing that matters most is submitting a lot of applications and avoiding applications with required cover letters because they require too much time. Is it true the the most effective way to...

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Charlotte Feb 11 687 views

learning from more sources is good?

i am learning coding skills from youtube and coursera

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Feb 16 666 views

How can I start preparing for a computer software related job without taking in school classes?

I am 16 in 10th grade with little experience with computer software and coding things. I picked this career path because my dad has a company related to this. This career also interests me, because I like using technology and look forward to actually being able to understand it and create a...

Emre’s Avatar
Emre Jul 02, 2023 457 views

Is cloud technology necessary for interns or junior positions?

I am a 3rd-grade computer engineering student with knowledge of Java and backend technologies such as Hibernate, Redis, and MySQL. When I look at job applications, I often notice that cloud technologies are required, which I am currently unfamiliar with. While I have experience with Docker, I...

Zion’s Avatar
Zion Jul 10, 2023 254 views

What steps can I take to learn how to build a career in computer software and coding?

This is something I've been interested in starting doing a long time. I want to know how to take the first steps.

Boshra’s Avatar
Boshra Mar 22, 2023 933 views

Are SAT and ACT very important in university?

I took the PSAT ( Pre-sat) this year, and my math score was better than my English, And some people including our school counselor is saying SAT is not very very important in the application, but some of my teachers and my family are saying it's very important, and you have to get a good score...

Josue’s Avatar
Josue Apr 27, 2023 819 views

What do I need to do to become a software developer?

I'm a high school junior who has been passionate about technology in general, not just coding, since I was around the age of 6 or 7 years old. Unfortunately, my school doesn't offer any career-related classes but a short intro to computer science, so I'm not sure what steps I need to take to...

Efrain’s Avatar
Efrain May 04, 2023 215 views

Did you have an adult who is in that career to give you further info Did you take advanced placement classes in the field of your choice??

ima freshmen andi have always wanted to become a civil engineer

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 13, 2023 482 views

If I have not taken any CS related classes in high school, will I have to take some sort of summer classes in order to prepare to take CS classes in college? Additionally, would I be extremely behind the course subjects if I go into college without CS knowledge?

I'm a high school student in my Junior year and have a interest in computer science/engineering.

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Jan 30, 2023 441 views

What internships are available for software engineering?

I am currently in high school.

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jan 30, 2023 876 views

How competitive is it to enter a software engineering job?

I am wondering how competitive it is to get a job as a software engineer i n America, as I have heard how competitive it is, but don't know the scale of it.