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How do you know if you've hit your "moment?"

Being indecisive really complicates the college search. I'm always afraid that my "moment" of realization will miss me. What if I never realize what I want to do? What if there are other people who have missed their boat? These are honestly the biggest stresses for me as I'm hitting the end of my high school career. #junior #indecisive

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2 answers

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Benjamin’s Answer

There are some people who are inspired to be a doctor or teacher, and they enter into college with a clear vision of what they want to do. I'd say these people are the exception rather than the rule though. Keep in mind the first couple years of college are generally the same for everyone, that is not by accident. The idea is exposure to new material and new people might spark some interest in something for you.

My aha "moment" happened at a conference when I heard someone talk about the power of machine learning and predictive analytics. I was 34 at that point and had over a decade in my career as a Biomedical Engineer.

The job market of today is more fluid than ever, and I believe it will continue on this path. Fewer and fewer people are going to choose a career out of college and stay with it for their entire adult life anymore. I am friends with doctors, lawyers, teachers, and engineers who all work in completely different fields now.

My best advice is to keep your eyes and ears open. Learn as much about different careers as you can.

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Amanda’s Answer

Hi Hannah,
Sweetie, please don’t be so hard on yourself! Your “moment” will turn in to a lifetime of MANY moments. For right now, only think about what interests you the most. Think about your likes, your talents, as well as your dislikes. What is good for you at your current age may end up changing over time, and that is OK! Or, you may find a career and stick with it until you retire. Either way, you want to be happy, healthy, and productive. Remember to take life one step at a time, take care of YOU, and all follow.
All the Best,
Amanda Nersasian
Wilmington, DE.