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Amanda Nersasian

Licensed Secondary School Counselor
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Sarah Jan 17, 2018 697 views

What is the most rewarding aspect working in the field that you have obtained your degree from?

I believe the inspiration from knowing what type of involvement one has acquired with the experience of their educational background can help motivate and inspire ambitious students and future professionals alike, and why they should reach for excellent education. #college-jobs #college-advice

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jan 18, 2018 763 views

How do you know if you've hit your "moment?"

Being indecisive really complicates the college search. I'm always afraid that my "moment" of realization will miss me. What if I never realize what I want to do? What if there are other people who have missed their boat? These are honestly the biggest stresses for me as I'm hitting the end of...

Lindsay’s Avatar
Lindsay Jan 17, 2018 641 views

Are all colleges the same? Does it matter if I go to a private university or state school or community college?

I want to know if it is worth it get out school loans for a private school. Or will I get the exact same knowledge at any other type of colleges that are much cheaper? Really struggling of getting enough money to go to my dream school which is private and expensive. #college-advice

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Kathryn Jan 19, 2018 761 views

Should I stay at a small college then transfer to a bigger one?

I hear I'm still going to have to take core classes no matter where I go, but I'm thinking I could stay closer to home and save some money, but then junior year transfer to a university where at that point I might know specifically what I want to do. Thoughts?

#college #savemoney #gobigorgohome?

Mason’s Avatar
Mason Jan 18, 2018 551 views

What are healthy habits to develop in order to prevent myself from becoming "burned out" in college?

I am extremely invested in my education and I am very passionate about academics as a whole. However, I am scared that I will put too much energy into my success during my freshman year and, consequently, not apply myself to my fullest potential throughout the rest of my undergraduate years....

April’s Avatar
April May 14, 2016 821 views

How does a recommendation letter work for scholarships?

This may be a little obvious answer but it might not be for many people. I am very shy at times. I don't like to ask teachers or people I know to write about me. I have avoided many scholarships in the past because there are recommendation letters needed. I was wondering if there is a way you...

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 13, 2016 760 views

Is it better to stay in area, or go to a university somewhere new?

I want to go to universities in other states, but my family and a few of my teachers promote staying in my current state. #out-of-state-student

Mindi’s Avatar
Mindi May 20, 2016 733 views

When do I need to start and stop applying for scholarships?

I am asking because I am a junior in high school & I need a lot of money to help pay for college. #scholarships

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob May 24, 2016 637 views

How does one be successful while in college?

While in college people struggle to make bills and payments each month. How can one make it easier to live and be successful while attending college? #counselor

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Oct 24, 2016 1758 views

What schools have good communication programs?

I have a school in mind but im still unsure #communications

Caylyn ’s Avatar
Caylyn Jun 20, 2017 1294 views

How do I decide where I want to go to law school?

Should I be looking at law schools in the state where I want to live and practice law after graduation, or should I only be looking at the schools that have a good program for the kind of law I want to practice? I am torn between the two options, and I was wondering what criteria I should...