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How difficult is it to reapply for scholarships?

I am worried I can’t afford to pay my way through all my years of college education.
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2 answers

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Derek’s Answer

If affording college is a concern of yours, be conscious of the reasons you are attending in the first place. College is not required to be successful, so always make sure you make sound decisions when it comes to money for college.

Couple options for you -
1. Unless you are going into the medical field and law, find a company that does tuition reimbursement. I had my entire degree paid for from the two companies I worked for. It took a little longer, but I had a great company to work for while I was doing it. Most corporate companies want to help pay for their employees tuition!

2. Don't continue college until you can pay cash for it. Find a job and work full time with a company you like. You will find that a degree is often overlooked when you get referred or have working experience. Experience will trump a degree 10 out of 10 times!

Best of luck!

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Jeff’s Answer

Good question! The answer depends on the scholarship provider. For instance, some scholarships may require a shorter application if you choose to reapply, whereas others may require the same application for all students. For this reason, make sure you ask the scholarship providers about their requirements! Once you determine these requirements, apply for the scholarships the same way you did the first time.

Based on experience, I do not think that it is more difficult to reapply for scholarships. In fact, it may be easier, since you are already familiar with the scholarship's purpose and the application. Hope this helps!

Jeff recommends the following next steps:

Choose scholarships for which you would like to reapply.
Call the providers of the scholarships to determine the requirements of the applications (be sure to mention that you are reapplying, just in case there is a separate application for this situation).