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Mesa, Arizona
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Ikayani’s Avatar
Ikayani Aug 31, 2017 830 views

How will I pay for college?

What are the different paths I can take to pay it off? How do student loans work?
#college #finance

Zion’s Avatar
Zion Oct 25, 2021 442 views

I want to start my own business. What kind of pathways are there for owning my own Electrician company

#entrepreneur #management #business

Matheus’s Avatar
Matheus May 11, 2022 551 views

What are some career options for someone that enjoys communicating and traveling. I also value my down time to recharge.

Some careers I'm considering are finance and insurance because they involve communicating and travel, as well as data and sharing new ideas.

abdul’s Avatar
abdul May 12, 2022 870 views

what major do you need to study if you want to be a business owner.

how can i start a business with little to no money.

Darren’s Avatar
Darren Apr 26, 2021 748 views

How can I identify if what really are my weaknesses?

I am afraid of failures. #healthcare #medicine #college-bound

meghasai’s Avatar
meghasai Apr 27, 2021 731 views

what should study and what job should i do

im good at everything but not the best at also interested in everything but not totally into also good with people as well as teach.I do not have stage fear as well so i am very confused in what to take. #general

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Apr 29, 2021 871 views

How do I get a job with out experience?

I am currently searching for a job. To get prepared for when I get my bachelors degree what should I do? #job-search #job #career

Karen-Melissa’s Avatar
Karen-Melissa May 04, 2016 1000 views

Are there any current High School Finance Internships?

I am aware that JP Morgan and Chase offered an Investment Bank Program however there application for 2016 has not come out. Does...

trinity’s Avatar
trinity May 24, 2016 1059 views

How should i go about funding for my future college and medical school?

Both college and medical school are pretty costly and I want to know how to fund everything correctly. #doctor #money #graduate #pediatrics #surgery #scholarships #finance #college #student-loans

Shannon’s Avatar
Shannon Mar 14, 2016 1202 views

Can you tell what it's like to be an investment manager on a day to day basis?

What does an average day in the life look like for you? Are you in meetings all day long or working on your own most of the time? #finance #financial-services #investment-management #investing

mikayla’s Avatar
mikayla Aug 31, 2017 1084 views

Do you have a lot of free time at work being a finance adviser ?

I want to become a personal finance adviser and I want to know will you have a lot of off time? Will i be able to make my own schedule?
#finance #personalfinance

Justin’s Avatar
Justin May 24, 2016 703 views

Best places to look for financial aid?

I've got a situation in my family where there is no extra money to go towards my college education, yet I don't qualify for any FAFSA aid either. What are some places I can look to get aid? #finance

Elton’s Avatar
Elton Feb 08, 2017 930 views

As a Sports Coach do you like your job?

I'm a high school student wanting to learn about this type of job. #sports #sports-management #athletics #coaching #coach

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Jan 18, 2018 678 views

How difficult is it to reapply for scholarships?

I am worried I can’t afford to pay my way through all my years of college education.
#moneyforcollege #financial-planning #money-management #college

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Sep 16, 2020 955 views

How do professional settings handle immature and disrespectful people?

#professional #any #professionals #law # #career #disrespect #immaturity