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Kaley F. May 04, 2016 2196 views

I am a sophomore in college with a 2.9 gpa going into my junior year. Is it still possible for me to get into a nursing program after i graduate college even if i only bring my gpa up to a 3.3?

I was just looking at all of my past grades in college so far and didn't realize how terrible I'm doing. In high school, I was an average student. I think i ended with a 3.4 gpa and honestly I didn't really care too much about school. My freshman year I was a little lost and didn't know what i...

#nurse-management #biology #college #nursing #nurse-practitioner #registered-nurses #counselor

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Justin T. May 24, 2016 375 views

Best places to look for financial aid?

I've got a situation in my family where there is no extra money to go towards my college education, yet I don't qualify for any FAFSA aid either. What are some places I can look to get aid?...


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Victor M. May 25, 2016 510 views
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Caleb S. Aug 22, 2016 642 views

How to become a college football coach?

I'm asking because I'd like to be one and lack the knowledge on what to major in and what experience to have and what college to attend and where to start etc. #sports #sports-management #coaching #college-recruiting...


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Elton T. Feb 08, 2017 407 views

As a Sports Coach do you like your job?

I'm a high school student wanting to learn about this type of job. #sports #sports-management #athletics #coaching...


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mikayla T. Aug 31, 2017 424 views

Do you have a lot of free time at work being a finance adviser ?

I want to become a personal finance adviser and I want to know will you have a lot of off time? Will i be able to make my own schedule? #finance...


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Luke H. Jan 18, 2018 238 views

How difficult is it to reapply for scholarships?

I am worried I can’t afford to pay my way through all my years of college education. #moneyforcollege #financial-planning #money-management...


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lydarrien P. Sep 18 34 views

What will it take to make it to the NFL?

My name is Ly'Darrien and i would love to know what will it take to make it to the NFL. #football #player...


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Patricia I. Sep 18 59 views

How much education is needed to become a business owner?

I know for sure you have to know a lot, but how much? #interior...


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ricardo D. Sep 18 181 views

how to get into college

im am a 10 grade student that loves to play basketball and football....


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Keon G. Sep 22 105 views

How many houses do you sell a month?

I would like to be a realtor. I love houses! I play this game called "Bloxburg" I design and build houses. I would love to become a realtor one day. #realtor #roblox #bloxburg #housedesigner...


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Aly B. Sep 23 94 views

How do you make a name for yourself in reality?

I am thinking about pursing a business degree and becoming a realtor. I would love to have my own brokerage and create my own business. #marketing...