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Which industries are in need of more mechanical engineers?

Asked Kenosha, Wisconsin

I am debating between civil and mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is so much more broad, just curious if I'm interested in the industries that are most pursuing Mechanical Engineers. #mechanical-engineer

3 answers

Astacian’s Answer


Hi There!

Mechanical engineering has a lot of opportunities in a number of industries. Below are the listed industries that have the most opportunities for Mechanical Engineers:

  1. Defense/ Aerospace
  2. Medical Device
  3. Automotive
  4. Construction/County

Defense and medical device have the greatest number of opportunities with construction having the lowest. Some construction companies want ME's, however these opportunities mostly require Civil Engineers.

I hope this helps!

Astacian recommends the following next steps:

  • Determine your core interests.
  • Browse for open positions.
  • Do the open requisitions match your interests? If not, would you consider working in a different industry?

Glenn’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California
I think that you will see that about 2X more mechanical engineers graduate each year over civil engineers. Mechanical engineers do overlap with civil engineering in the building industry. Mechanical engineers are used in product development in product development, manufacturing, in designing the manufacturing equipment, in HVAC, technical sales support, and many others. The important thing is not where there are more jobs (that overall balances with the number of people in the field) but what are you passionate about. You can do several things to determine this. First is research on line as to what are the options for each field, and talk with people who do the jobs you may be interested in. I recommend that people follow their passion.

Douglas’s Answer

Updated Easton, Massachusetts
Hi, Civil and Mechanical Engineering are both broad, which is a good thing. Civil Engineers basically work on things that do not move (buildings, bridges, roads etc.) while Mechanical Engineers work on things that move (planes, cars, motors, etc). It really comes down to what you want to do. I suggest you Google both types of engineering (and they are many off shots of each one) to see what you might like to do. Also google "jobs for mechanical or civil engineers" to give you and idea of which industries they work in. Many industries hire both types. The first year of engineering school for both civil and mechanical are very similar so if you started in one and then decided to switch to the other, it would be possible. Good luck, hope this helped.