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How do I get into publishing?

I'm aware that it requires some level of internships but I'm not aware of the amount. Where should I intern? When? How do I acquire an internship?

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2 answers

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Allison’s Answer

I would keep an eye on,,, and individual publisher websites for internships. Some people also post internship opportunities on Twitter. They can be very competitive, so I would suggest being open to working in a variety of departments, and also to working at a literary agency, which can be just as great an experience. Apply as quickly as you are able (while still reading over your materials and being smart about it).

To make yourself a good candidate, make sure to write a clear and professional cover letter that illustrates why you are passionate about the specific genre/topic/age range and books that company publishes. But also be aware that a love for books isn't everything -- you'll want to clearly outline your administrative and office skills, which will be the core of your responsibilities in that role.

Check out your college's career network and see if anyone works in publishing and might be willing to do an informational interview - if you hit it off, they might be able to give you a referral. And if you're striking out with internships, see if you can get a job at a bookstore or a library -- still great market experience!

Allison recommends the following next steps:

Keep an eye on listings on publisher job websites
Craft a cover letter that shows your writing skills (but nothing too flowery), your knowledge of the genre, and your administrative experience.
Look for jobs at a bookstore or library or other office work if you don't get an internship right away.
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Rachel’s Answer

I did some research for you and here is what I found, check out these websites: