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What are some tips for high school students wanting to go into the medical field?

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I want to know some ways I can get ahead of the curve, or ways that I can further prepare myself other than high school work. Things like strategies, and tips for college is what I'm looking for. #medicine #hospital-and-health-care #healthcare


3 answers

Leobardo’s Answer


Find out what you wanna do , it's degree plan, or it's alternative. Such as for physician assistant you can go through RN or paramedic ( not EMT that's a 6 month certification). If you aren't sure,

A good idea is become a certified surgical tech, you work elbow to elbow with surgeons, are part of he surgical team ( surgeon, residents, maybe first assist/ p.a), nurse circulator, MD anesthesia it crna.

My favorite part of that idea is that you are in direct contact with all mentioned above, your pay is great compared to fast food ( in 2011 i started at $17/ hr!!) Medical / dental retirement (start now!!)some facilities will have a nurse program!! Vs tuition reimbursement.

The other good part iseven if you work part time, and school, your pay is better than retail/ fast food by a long shot

Tracey’s Answer

Hi Daniel, The medical field is a great choice. As a high schooler it would best to further refine your study skills and time management skills. Getting a hold on these two even before going to college will help greatly. Another thing to consider is how well of a note taker are you? Do you have system to prepare for a test, quizzes and text reading? Flash cards, information scanning and pre-reading chapters are a good way to lay a foundation to be prepared academic wise. It seems as if you are considering a career in the medical field. A good determiner for success would be to full evaluate your performance in all of your math and science coursework as those subjects are the bedrock of any medical specialization. Then you should also think about what path in the medical field you wish to go down (i.e. Medical Doctor, Dentist, Nursing. Physical Therapy, etc). You would want to also consider what colleges/universities have a good pre-med undergraduate program as well. Best of luck to you.

Rachael’s Answer


Hi Daniel, I would suggest contacting your local doctor offices and specialists and asking if you can volunteer and shadow them. That will help give you on-the-job experience and the leg up!