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What degrees are best for pre-vetrinary studies?

I understand that majors in animal science are helpful, but are degrees like biology, zoology, and wildlife biology acceptable?

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2 answers

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Courtney’s Answer

Absolutely yes! A Bachelor's degree in Animal Science, Biology, Zoology, Wildlife Biology are all acceptable majors for a Bachelor's Degree, for consideration into a Veterinary college for your Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. While in high school and while getting your Bachelor's degree, I'd suggest doing an internship/volunteer work at a vet clinic to make sure that being a vet is really your passion. It takes 8-10 years of college which is a lot of time and money so you'll want to make sure it's really what you want to do.

After getting your Bachelor's degree you'll need to apply to a college to get your DVM (Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine). When they look at your application they'll want to see that you've done internships and volunteer work in an animal related field, so take any chance that you can to volunteer/intern at vet clinics, zoos, animal shelters, etc before graduating with your Bachelor's degree.

Also, think of different types of vets there are and find ways to get an idea of which direction you might want to go with your practice. Domestic Animal Vets (cats/dogs); Zoo Vets; large animal Vets (horses/cattle, etc); Exotic Vets; Circus Vets, etc.

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Todd’s Answer

I majored in zoology, but you can major in pretty much anything as long as you fulfill the required pre requisite courses of the school of your choice. The number of hours & courses required will usually fill out several science major degree plans, but maybe not a liberal arts degree. There are only 28 or so vet schools in the US, and you will usually have an advantage in your home state. You can see the requirements for the Vet school at UC Davis here:


Todd recommends the following next steps:

I would have a plan B in case you dont get into vet school (and a plan A 2.0 - in case it takes you a couple of tries like it did me). Choose your major based on your interests, your passions, and some versitility that will allow you to use the degree to persue other avenues if you need to. Good luck, study hard, dont be afraid to ask for help, and keep trying!

I agree with everything Dr. Phillips said. As long as you meet all the science classes required to get in, almost any science major is fine. I have a BS and MS in Animal Science (equine nutrition) and plan B was a Phd in Equine Nutrition. But bio, chem, biochem and zoology are all good majors to prepare for vet school. Mike Parker