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Thomas L. Jul 21, 2016 773 views

What are some ways I can use my college summers efficiently if I can't get a summer job?

I'm entering my sophomore year in college, and still enjoying my summer. However, I was unable to find myself a steady job this summer (so I've been taking work where I can- moving jobs, pet & house-sitting, yard work, etc..), and have thus been spending all of my free time exercising my...

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Maegyn G. Oct 19, 2016 501 views

Should students interested in becoming a veterinarian first become a Vet. Tech.?

I am wondering if I should become a Vet. Tech. first so I can have a source of income and experience in the field. #veterinary...


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Mikenna P. Oct 21, 2016 724 views

What is it called when people work with exotic animals?

I'm considering the fact that I want to work with animals from exotic places but don't know where to look or start. #veterinary...


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Alexis M. Oct 24, 2016 521 views

I have worked with horses for 10 years now and I really want to pursue a career involving horses. What would be the best job (best salary, best job outlook, etc) in the horse field?

Like I said, I have been working with horse for about ten years now. I have always taken a special interest in all animals, but horses hold a special place in my heart. I am in high school currently and I am looking at my future career options. I want to do the best of the best jobs with...

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Bonnie R. Oct 25, 2016 442 views

Is biology the right choice?

I am currently in community college to complete my prerequisites for a biology major. I want to transfer to UC Davis or Cal Poly Pomona because I want to become a veterinary technician and then later on advance into a veterinarian. However, I am finding chemistry to be a really difficult...

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Jackie G. Jan 12, 2017 1631 views

What is the best way to approach a veterinarian regarding job-shadowing?

Most veterinarian practices that I have run into or researched do not have a student program which allows for internships or volunteering--they are simply medical practices. However, shadowing a vet can give great insight into deciding if the vet-path is a good career path for a student and...

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Jackie G. Jan 17, 2017 375 views

How do I go to a college as a non-degree seeking student?

After I graduate (with a Bachelors and Masters Degree), I need to re-take a few courses and take a few new ones to prepare for my next applications. But, how does one go to a 4 year college as non-degree seeking? Is the admissions process the same as undergrad? Do I have to apply or do I just...

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RaeAnna T. Jan 23, 2017 371 views

Working with animals, while having allergies is it worth it?

I love animals, and I would love a job where I could work in animal rehabilitation. However, I do have allergies against them. For those who have allergies and are working in this field, what do you do? Do you take medication? Does your body eventually grow immune to the dander? Do you find...

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Jackie G. Feb 01, 2017 1182 views

Including high school accomplishments in a graduate school application?

I have not applied to graduate/veterinary school yet, but I am keeping a document of all of my accomplishments and experiences to refer to when I need them. I would like to include my study abroad experiences from high school (I studied abroad in 5 countries). I did not have the opportunity to...

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Gianna D. Feb 08, 2017 741 views

How much income does a veterinarian make yearly?

On average how much money does a veterinarian make each year? #veterinary...


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emma W. Feb 08, 2017 337 views

veterinary courses

What collage courses do i have to take to become a vet? #veterinary...


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Jackie G. Feb 09, 2017 544 views

How is a science GPA calculated?

What classes are considered? How do they know which classes to categorize in a science GPA? #college #graduate-school #veterinary #classes #college-applications #gpa #bcpm-gpa...


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Gianna D. Feb 09, 2017 1432 views

What is a good extracurricular activity for a veterinarian?

What are a few Extra Curricular activity for a veterinarian? Please Help Me!! #veterinarian #veterinary #animal-health...


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Cassey D. Feb 10, 2017 461 views

How much does a veterinarian make a pay check ?

Because I would like to know more about that...


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Cassey D. Feb 10, 2017 513 views

Is it interesting working with animals ?

I was wanting to know because this is something I might want to do later in life...