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How hard is it to get a internship in college?

Because I’m looking for an early job shadow experience #internships #college

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4 answers

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Katie’s Answer

Everything takes work, but being at a college is already a head start! Utilize resources that your college provides. Companies will go directly to colleges to find new hires. Your college may also have a career center that offers resume review and mock interviews.

Reach out to companies directly and don't feel shy about reaching out to people you don't know on LinkedIn or by email. Professional individuals are often willing to help, and enjoy mentoring students that are just entering the workforce. The worst thing that happens is that you don't get a response so reach out to a lot of people!

Companies are willing to take a chance on college students that don't have experience- there is always work to do at a company and a lot of the skills can be learned on the job. Show that you are eager to learn and willing to hustle.

Katie recommends the following next steps:

Check out the career center at your school
Find people on LinkedIn that are in a field you're interested in or have a background that you think is cool. Reach out to a bunch of them and someone might reply!

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Ben’s Answer

Hi Bryan,

Like Cameron said, anyone can get an internship with professionalism, networking, and a desire/passion to work at desired company. I had 3 internships in college, and I was able to get each one by doing the 3 things I mentioned. Going to internship fairs on campus is a big way to get your foot in front of the door, along with networking with professionals you know (your parents and their friends, your old cousins, etc).

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Ashley’s Answer

Hi Bryan! Internships at popular companies (such as the New York Times, Google, etc.) tend to be pretty competitive to get into. If you intern at a smaller or more local company first, this will allow you to stand out to larger companies. Also, get involved with student organizations related to your field as these will help you get internships at any level. I would definitely look at job shadowing at a company you would want to intern at, as this will help you meet the people you would be working with if you got the internship. Talk to your college's career center to help you make your resume the best it can be to help you get your desired internships and to get a list of companies looking for interns. Good luck!

Ashley recommends the following next steps:

Get involved with campus organizations
Intern at smaller companies
Go to your college's career center for advice about your resume and where to intern

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Cameron’s Answer

Anyone can totally do it, just need to make sure that you are attending the career fair that happens each semester/quarter as well as looking online through LinkedIn.

I had an internship my sophomore and junior year during college.