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What was your biggest mistake in regards to college study habits, and how can I avoid doing the same?

I would like to know what poor study habits hurt you in college, as well as ways I could avoid doing the same. #college #college-advice #study-habits

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4 answers

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Lindsey’s Answer

Great question Avery. The biggest mistakes I made in regards to studying in college are the following:

1. I didn't pay enough attention in class. Part of the reason was because I sat too far away from the professor! Best advice I can give you: Always sit in the front couple rows of the class. You'll get less distracted, make a better impression on your professor, and participate and learn more. Another tip: good note taking is CRITICAL!! If you don't know how to effectively take notes as you listen and digest the information you're hearing you'll have a hard time remembering and truly understanding the material. Learning how to take notes is a skill that's especially important in your career, so best to learn early!

2. Poor time management. I'd often wait until the last minute to study which is NEVER a good idea. Read this: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140917-the-worst-way-to-learn. The best thing you can do is study the material you're learning as you learn it. At the start of freshman year, make it a habit to read over your notes for at least one hour a night before you go to bed. I promise it'll pay off.

3. Not taking enough advantage of my peers or professor. Study groups can be super beneficial, even just to get insights on how others study best or to better understand a concept or two. If you can't find a study group to join, start one yourself! I also recommend seeking guidance from a couple older students who have taken (and done well) in the class. Ask how they studied and see if they'd be open to tutoring you if you're really struggling! Lastly, visit your professor's office hours once a week. Make it a habit, something you do even if you don't necessarily have any specific questions!

I hope this helps. You're doing the right thing thinking ahead! You'll do great:)

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Ian’s Answer

Hi Avery,

That's always a great question - I would say that the biggest mistake in college study habits you can make are waiting to the last minute to try to learn everything! Just attending classes everyday is huge, but something that I learned later on in my college career is to actually do the weekly readings before class / paying attention every day. A huge difference in college is there is generally less busy work than there is in high school, so some classes you may get away with just showing up to class and taking exams every so often. However, if you gradually study and do readings each day, there is going to be a lot less stress and cramming involved last second.

Hope this helps and good luck!


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Richard’s Answer

Don't wait until the last minute to study.

Go to class. Plan to spend 2-3 hours studying for every hour of lecture. Attend your professor's office hours and any TA review sessions. If there is a test bank, use that as a study tool to understand what your professor wants you to focus on for the test.

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Rachel’s Answer

My biggest mistakes all stemmed from procrastination.

You should start college planning to study every day. Attend your classes. Do the homework. When you find a class difficult, attend office hours early in the semester. If you continue to struggle, get a tutor.