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what are some minor studies that would enhance biomedical engineering major?

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G. Mark’s Answer


Keep in mind that the human body is just another machine, and as such, biomedical engineering is still engineering. Biology and chemistry enter more strongly than some other engineering disciplines, sure. One of my stock replies is to take computer classes, as much as you can. Those will always come in handy in just about any profession. Given the trends in biomedical E, many devices you'll be exposed to are essentially computers anyway. The various systems in the human body are easier to understand the more other branches of engineering you get familiar with. In my exposures to Biomed, it always helped understand the concepts when comparing the mechanism to other machines.

Ali’s Answer

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Electrical Engineering and MATH

Mark’s Answer

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Hello Julia, I would recommend you look at taking a foreign language, also mathematics. I minored in math and it has helped me in problem solving.