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How do you succeed in Musical Theatre college dance auditions?

Asked Elk Grove, California

I have always loved to sing and act, and feel confident in both of those areas, but dance auditions terrify me. I have recently began to dance, and feel like I am improving greatly, but my lack of experience is scaring me. I would like more information on musical theatre dance auditions so I can be prepared for what to expect. #dance #musical-theatre

2 answers

Katelyn’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

ALWAYS study and look up as much as you can about the audition/show so you know what they are looking for. this will help a lot when it comes to picking out your most fitting headshot and song to audition with. and CONFIDENCE.

Elizabeth’s Answer

Updated Baltimore, Maryland

Hi Sarah! Get as much experience as you can. Practice dancing in all of your spare time. Find the best teacher in your area and study with him/her. The more practice you do, the more confident you will be. Then you can audition and get the job!

Elizabeth recommends the following next steps:

  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Study with a professional dance teacher
  • Get out there an audition!