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Is it beneficial to buy used textbooks?

I have heard a lot from others that textbooks are expensive in college. I know a girl who paid full price and as a student with little money, I would like to know if it is worth it to buy ones for cheaper even if they are used or in poor condition? Also, I have heard of websites that sell books for cheaper. Do you think those are reliable? #needhelp #textbooks #college #nomoney

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2 answers

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Raven’s Answer

Mel, I say buy used, if you buy full price you won't get that back in return when you sell them back to your book store. Used books are just as good, first see if you really need the entire book or if you'll just be needing chapters that way you know if you have to purchase the book at all or if you can just print the pages needed as you go. Also there are many websites that sell parts of the book and have print outs.

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shipra’s Answer

Textbooks are beneficial whether its a used one or new. An old book will also give you same information as the new one. Its all about the passion and interest in your reading, if you want to get knowledge know matter whether its new or old. For eg Library millions of people go to library to read there its not always that the book will be new but they read because reading is what matter not the condition. So its totally beneficial to buy used books.