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is art school completely necessary to have a viable career?

Asked Richmond, California

i am a 17 year old who has been making art for the majority of my life and i consider myself as an artist. i wonder, is art school really necessary to be able to have a career.
id like to be able to eat with worrying about my next meal. will art school help with this? even if its not a traditional medium like tattooing, graphic design ect.
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3 answers

David’s Answer

Updated Waco, Texas

Hi Alex,

Is it completely necessary? No, but it doesn't hurt. The way the world is today more emphasis is put on the little paper called a degree than your talent. That said if you are looking to get into graphic design it is recommended you earn a degree. Graphic design is also a good skill to have as a tattooist. Commercial arts might be something you could look into as well. The more skills and knowledge you have the better your chances of rising above the starving artist category. I live modestly even when I do make the big money, you never know when that streak will dry up . I do know quite a few extremely well known and well off artists. Some studied and some were "discovered" by a patron of the arts.

However you decide to approach your career remember never let discouragement get in the way, ignore acclaim from your family and friends, criticism is your friend, luck has more to do with making it than anyone admits and hobbyists are not professionals. Never treat your art as a hobby, ever, and do not work for free.

Bon voyage ,


ps. please stop using the term "I consider myself to be", you are an artist.

Kerry’s Answer

Updated Albion, New York

It is not completely necessary but attending an art school or college will improve your skills and provide you connections in the art world which may open up opportunities for future career gains.

Simon’s Answer

Updated Greensboro, Georgia
Schools prepare you for a career, so they are good to introduce you to certain fields and techniques. Go through the following steps to figure out if art is a viable career for you. Unfortunatly every artist I have met lives on a very modest income. Some people are naturals....if you can sell your art and live at a level comfortable to you you probably don’t have to go to college. Unfortunatly with education you never really know “what you don’t know”. You might look into a commercial artist or designer field, and do painting as a hobby to supplement your income. Good luck.