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Do you have conflicts at work about specific layouts?

I am in high school and want to become a Graphic Designer. #graphic-designer #high-school-students #art

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2 answers

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Katie’s Answer

Hi Karen,

Good question! There are so many other factors at play when you are on an in-house team or working for a client. Being able to validate your design choices when you are presenting or debating design is key to making yourself stand out as a strong designer. If you can clearly explain why a certain layout is beneficial toward the success of the design or program, you will be able to justify your reasoning and hopefully get a chance to prove that. Even better, take every opportunity to test your theories and let the data talk for you. In my experience, if you can prove it with clear data, you will have no problem convincing stakeholders.

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Thomas "TC"’s Answer

Hi Karen.

There will always be conflicts when it comes to design/layouts. Reasons can vary:

> Design philosophy / Art direction criticism
> Branding inclusion or ommission
> Usability or Audience needs/issues
> Technology or container (screen size/delivery device) issues
> Campaign adherence

As a designer, there will be many business and technology issues to consider along with standard design best practices. In team situations, you may have team-based criticism before you get push-back from external departments (marketing/technology/business owners). Criticism is hopefully positive and "constructive", giving you specific ways to evolve your work. There may be unconstructive criticism at times... this is often politics and control...

Experience will teach you about the human element, whether colleagues or clients. Take curve balls in stride. Never fall too much in love with any layout! Have a plan B design if possible that addresses various potential issues.

Good luck!