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What careers would be available to an individual interested in neuroscience and political science, two inherently different fields?

I am asking this question because throughout my high school career, I have developed an interest in political science through my involvements at school; however, I am also incredibly fascinated by the nervous system and would love to work in such a versatile field. What would a good middle ground for the two? I have considered double majoring, although I am not sure if that would be entirely realistic.
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2 answers

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Emily’s Answer

As a former Political Science major, I encourage you to take a couple of classes (if you haven't already). There is quite a wide variety of focuses in the field. As far as a career, have you thought about working in a legislative office, or possibly doing policy work involving neuroscience? As related legislation comes up, your knowledge in both fields could be beneficial for creating legislation.

Emily recommends the following next steps:

Track down California Medical Association Director of Government Affairs. Ask for an informational interview to discuss your future interests.

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Alison’s Answer

As a career coach I am a connector. The connection between neuroscience and political science is systems change.

For example, how can the study of neuroscience create understanding of human learning and motivation that can then be leveraged to create policies that allow underserved populations to flourish?

You might start with research into Positive Psychology, Angela Duckworth, Louis Alloro. The City of Dubai has a "Happiness" quotient goal and other cities and countries around the world are also looking at this. Positive Psychology is the evidenced based study of human flourishing, which includes neuroscience research.

Alison recommends the following next steps:

Read this: https://repository.upenn.edu/mapp_capstone/10/
Read Grit by Angela Duckworth.
Look up "systems change"
Follow the leads! Keep asking questions.