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What steps would I have to take to become a historian?

Hi! I am a senior in high school and I have been wondering about different careers that I can potentially have as a history major, and being a historian is one I am very interested in. #history #historian

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2 answers

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Tina’s Answer

Jazzmin, though I work in finance now, my original major/degree in college was European History. There are many avenues open to you beyond the traditional idea of teaching. Through my own experience, I can tell you that history majors are often sought in fields such as editing and publishing, advertising, the tourism industry, work along archeologists if you like field study, museum and archiving, chief historical experts/curator at sites and monuments, researchers for documentary and production companies. History majors are also common on those moving on to the study of law if that interests you at all.
When you are looking at universities and colleges, make sure to look at their full catalog of course offerings. I find that in the field of history, many schools will have specialty areas they exceed in and focus most of the upper level courses in those areas. They may only offer certain subjects at a lower core level. For instance, the school I wanted to attend really focused on the European studies of eastern Europe, where I wanted to be more in the area of western european history. It is just a vast field, unless you want to do general studies for a teaching degree, you should look into the full degree program in the area you want to major in. Good luck!!

Thank you, Tina! Jazzmin P.

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Brien’s Answer

First acquire secondary education degrees (undergrad, graduate, PHD) then become an accomplished professor at a respected university. Then publish books to show the knowledge and expertise you have in your respected field.