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What's the biggest thing you've ever been apart of?

Updated Killeen, Texas

To me it seems like everyone is involved in some national merit organization or club like NJHS or even Eagle scouts and I'm just curious what else people are into and ways I can join. #national-honor-society #national-junior-honor-society #society #life #eagle-scouts #resume-building

2 answers

Ophelia’s Answer

In college I was a big part of Accounting Society and Beta Alpha Psi. Accounting Society had over a thousand members a year and as a board member and later executive board member I was able to have a lot of chances to hone my skills for leadership and learn how to work with others. Being involved also helped me ultimately get in touch with the right people so that I could receive an offer for PwC's summer leadership conference, where I received an internship offer. I then got my full-time job offer from my internship offer so I could graduate with a job offer in hand by the time I was a junior in college.

Will’s Answer

The most rewarding thing I have been apart of in the past years has been a mentorship program though an educational program for young adults ages 18-25 who are trying to enter the tech/financial sector called Year Up. Similar to how this platform benefits people lacking direction or knowledge I have been able to help students with little to no knowledge about these fields and help them fill those gaps.

From this partnership I have gotten to help countless students and built a network with other mentors that lead me to my current position.