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What are some actions or thoughts that defined you'r career?

50-70% of students change their majors at least once. Among 2,134 workers, 32% said they have never worked in a field related to their major. I was wondering, what lead you to choose your career and how are you different from the next person in the same career? #career #choices

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3 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Good question, I think we usually end up where we wanted to be in the first place. for example, I started college for computer programming when I graduated high school and never finished. But, my other non-computer and military experience was able to help me get a job with a large computer company and now I work for a software company. I ended up in the industry I wanted but in a different job. I think an internship is important for your college career, it can help you realize what you want, or do not want, to do for the rest of your career. Good luck.

Thank you. naomi H.

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Simeon’s Answer

I got an undergraduate degree in one field and a master's degree in a different field. I couldn't find a job related to my masters degree since it was so specialized, so I ended up pursuing a career with my undergraduate degree instead. It's turned out well for me so far and has offered me a lot more stability. I probably stick out since I'm not as ambitious as the workers who jump into my field straight out of undergraduate school.

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Lashay’s Answer

Hi Naomi: I'd have to say my career is defined by college work. I have worked in more than 5 different offices in 2-year and 4-year colleges. I've worked for private and public as well. I have been a secretary, testing center employee, instructor of human services, academic advisor, student development specialist, and career counselor, did I say wide variety of positions? I consider myself fortunate to have worked in positions that I've enjoyed and worked with students with which I connected. I am now home raising a two year old and seven year old and contemplating my next move while taking online classes and volunteering on the community to retool for the workforce. Hope this helps!