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Best school for Biology?

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Eric’s Answer



Glad to see that you are thinking and trying to plan your future as a biologist, but while there are "Top 10" lists for Biology as noted by Andrea, above, Biology is a very, very broad field and I would suggest seeing if you can focus your attention. Two way to do this, really think about what you like now and determine if you have a passion for a particular area (e.g., forestry, medicine/pharma [hospitals, animals/veterinary, drug production], computational, synthetic biology, ecology, biotechnology, etc.) and then look for top universities in that focus area as that will ultimately keep you more engaged, and with that as a specialty those universities would likely has extensive networks and aid to help place graduating students. Secondly, if you don't know what area piques your interest, go to a general program (e.g., those on the Top 10 list or even a local mid-grade university) and do as many internships, co-ops, or work studies as possible and see if you can find your passion. Then focus at that university, transfer or go on to graduate degrees (Masters/Ph.D.) at universities that align with your passion.

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Andrea’s Answer


Hello Emily - I recently read a USA Today article (click here), where they listed the top 10 colleges for Biology. MIT, Stanford and Tufts were the top 3, but many more were listed. It is a good major if you know you want to go into science, or even medicine, but are not quite sure of specific focus. I hope this article helps and that you find your personal path. The best advice I can give is to find something that you love, and make it your career. Best of luck to you!!

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