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Is it better to take graduate in business or a business concentration?

I've heard two ideas regarding the answer to this question:

The first is that it is better to graduate with a concentration in business (for example supply management) because it makes you more valuable than a general business graduate.

The second is that it is better to graduate with a general business degree because it provides more opportunity for a future career.

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Is it better to take graduate in business or a business concentration? Dear Isaiah, The two approaches are of different categories. Opportunity is not the same as Passion. I would advice to consider this example: Opportunity as a big jungle where you will find many animals. Passion is which animal you want to shoot a picture of. if you like taking pictures of fish and corals, you might want to go to a different place. If you like taking pictures of polar bears and moose, you may have to do to the arctic regions. If what you like is monkeys and lions, elephants and zebra, you will have to choose the African or Indian landscape. Business is business every where. You need to understand the general concepts of business first before you can handle any specific concentration in business. For instance: Handling finances and money, Handling people and employees, understanding the core concepts of business, Office and Technology in addition to any specific industry. Management, Human Resources, Accounting, Laws (Labor laws, contract laws, business laws,) Infrastructure and the specific business you will manage. A dental clinic or a Car Dealership - Furniture or a computer shop - A clothes retailer or a jewelry shop - A restaurant of supermarket. All are in business, but industry and sector the serve is different. Once you understand business, you can enter any industry (or jungle) Later you can select which specific business or section of business you want to specialize in (which animal to take a picture of) Always go for a degree, it will be useful to you no matter which direction you take. In your case business seems to be IT for you. Go ahead and start with one of the three: Finance (money) Human Resource (people) and some technical field. Computer, legal and the specific industry and who it serves. I hope this helps. please let me know how it goes. OK?
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