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Steve Swisher

Procurement / Supply Chain Category Manager
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
The Woodlands, Texas
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Claire’s Avatar
Claire Oct 07, 2017 1307 views

What is the best way to get work experience?

Everywhere I want to work, even small retail jobs, seems to ask for work experience, so how do I get that experience in the first place? #retail #food-service

sam’s Avatar
sam Jul 19, 2020 1139 views

Should college students be investing their money somewhere?

#finance #JULY20

Janelle’s Avatar
Janelle Jul 26, 2018 1002 views

Can my credit score actually affect my getting hired for a job?

How does my credit score affect me in the professional world?

Vanisha’s Avatar
Vanisha Aug 21, 2020 407 views

Is there anything made you doubt yourself into going into the medical field?


Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 09, 2020 840 views

Who are your career role models?

I'm looking to find my own role model #career #professional

Daniella’s Avatar
Daniella Jul 25, 2020 1137 views

What is the biggest mistake you see in a resume?

I am a senior attending university majoring in business administration. I am currently applying for internships that could lead to my career path after graduation. #marketing #career-path #resume

Carolyn’s Avatar
Carolyn Aug 26, 2020 544 views

What industries/job positions do you recommend airline people look in?

I am a career airline employee that took a retirement package, but too young to play shuffleboard for life. I'm trying to use my skills for an industry that may want some of my transferable skills as well enjoy what I am going to do for the next 20 or so years. I need some ideas of job titles...

aishwarya’s Avatar
aishwarya May 03, 2016 1398 views

What degree should I choose to become a bank manager?

i have completed 2nd puc with commerce but do not know what degree I should pursue to become a bank manager in India. #manager #bank #finance #business #business-development

Landen’s Avatar
Landen Aug 26, 2020 418 views

What classes do you recommend for welding?

I'm an junior in high school and I want to be a welder but I don't know what classes I should take.

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Jan 10, 2018 865 views

Whats the best way to become a model ?

Because I want to become a model and I want to know the best route to go. #model #vogue #AfricanAmericanModel #modeling #fashion

Halea’s Avatar
Halea Feb 15, 2017 678 views

After graduating college, how would you move forward with your career choice?

I know it all depends on what your career choice consists of, but how would you work on that transition from college to the real world? #college #career

Matt’s Avatar
Matt Aug 26, 2020 617 views

How many years of university do you suggest for being a real estate agent?

#realestate #business

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan Apr 19, 2018 732 views

If I take dual credit classes in high school, am I getting my basics done ahead of time?

I have always been told that if I take dual credit classes I’ll have enough hours to be a junior by my second semester. I was wondering if this was true or not.
#ctc #career-and-technical-school #gen-eds #college #dual-credit #dual-enrollment #course-selection #academic-advising

Khin Yadanar’s Avatar
Khin Yadanar Jun 15, 2020 3162 views

What is the best advice for a beginner business woman.

I am an educational student. But I interested about business for my future. So, I want some best advice for me to success. #business #entrepreneur #business-management #management

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Sep 27, 2019 579 views

How would you describe the corporate culture in Advertising and Promotions Manager?

#communications #business #marketing