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What industries/job positions do you recommend airline people look in?

I am a career airline employee that took a retirement package, but too young to play shuffleboard for life. I'm trying to use my skills for an industry that may want some of my transferable skills as well enjoy what I am going to do for the next 20 or so years. I need some ideas of job titles to search on other than Sales/Travel Coordinator/Logistics. #career #career-choice #life

Hey Carolyn, What did you do as an airline employee? Could you tell us what you did day-to-day as well as longer terms projects that you're proud of? -- Dexter Dexter Arver

I have spent 25 years at Delta. Started as an Atlanta Airport Gate Agent, then went onto Domestic Sales, International Sales, then International Customer Service. Moved to DC to be the first Sales Staff Assistant then came back to Atlanta for Inside Sales to support - ATL, NYC, LAX. Then I became a SkyBonus Coordinator for Small-Mid Size business and then Outside Sales that turned into Global Sales Account Executive to work with other partners. Carolyn M.

Contracting, Ticketing, Customer Service, Filings - ATPCO, Training, Conducted meetings, presentations, answer calls, Fix issues Carolyn M.

Merged 2 websites, but not a programmer Carolyn M.

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3 answers

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Dexter’s Answer

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you so much for answering my question in the comment! :)

Ok, so looking at your response, I can see why you asked for job title ideas besides sales/travel-coordinator/logistics as those seem to be the most obvious job titles. I have a few ideas though! :)

Have you thought about the following:
* Program Manager - These jobs in the silicon valley are jobs that I feel that any organized person can do decently. If you are the type of person that can influence others easily, then you'll be great. The job search will be easier for you if you get a PMP certification, though it's not necessary. I've had coworkers who have come from the sales field to become a PM, then stay, as the pay was good and there was far less pressure day-to-day. If you happen to land a role organizing programs for the field, then you'll be extra qualified given your background. :)
* Executive Admin - Given that you should be a wizard with presentations, emails, calls, and calendars, an executive admin can be a great role to transfer into a different industry. You'll find yourself working for a VP+, and if you get lucky, that person will help you land your next role when you out-grow the role. I feel that it's a role you can find yourself excelling in quickly, as there is always a need for a great executive admin.
* Sales Training Instructor - I know you didn't want sales roles, but I feel that an instructor is a different role. You probably know what this role is, but for others, basically it's a position that teaches sales folks what to sell and how the product works. When a new product comes down the pipeline, these instructors help the sales folks get acquainted with the new.
* Communications Specialist - These folks (especially the internal ones) are the people responsible crafting (and re-crafting) messages that executives end up sending out as their own messages. If you have the passion for communication, I feel that many of your skills would be transferable, as your experience communicating with so many different people will be a big plus for getting into this role. Before an interview, it does pay to brush up on the latest communications platforms, such as Slack, newsletter platforms, etc.

I hope these ideas were helpful and I wish you the best of luck in your career!


I second the Project/Program Manager recommendation. Great PMs are coveted! The best part is that many PM roles are 100% remote so you wouldn't have to relocate. Check out a PM job description for more info: https://www.indeed.com/hire/job-description/program-manager Gordon Barr

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Brianne’s Answer

Carolyn, I work in Procurement and have had several colleagues over the years that have come from the Airline industry. One natural fit could be in the Indirect Procurement side where the Travel category is typically housed. There are a range of job options here that include becoming a Category Manager/Category Lead/Procurement Specialist to working on the Service Delivery (or Project Management) if the company has a travel program for it's employees. This type of program usually adopts a third party tool that needs to be managed by someone with travel experience. There's also the option of working for the provider of the program/tool to companies.

Hope that helps!

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Steve’s Answer

As with the Airlines experience, you likely have excellent skills in the areas of customer service. You may be interested in Restaurant Management or Hospitality Services at a Hotel. Use you skills and sell yourself with HR Managers covering those roles in your area.

Best of luck to you with your search.