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What kind of education does a pediatric nurse need?

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My goal in my career is to be a pediatric nurse. #medical-education #pediatrics #medicine #pediatric-nursing

2 answers

Donna’s Answer

Pediatric nurses would graduate from a nursing program which could be either an Associates Degree Program or Bachelor's Degree. I would recommend that you get a four year degree (BSN) as many hospitals are encouraging nurses to go back to school to get their Bachelor's Degree and some do not even hire Registered Nurses if they do not have this degree. Once you have graduated as a Registered Nurse, there are some hospitals that have internships in regards to specialties and this would include pediatrics.
It would be very helpful for you in preparing to be a pediatric nurse, to have some good experience with working with children. This could be volunteering at a Children's Hospital, donating time as a big brother in a "big brother, big sister program", or similar volunteer projects. This allows those individuals that interview you the ability to see that you have already had some solid interaction with children and this will helpful in your pursuit for a pediatric career in nursing.
Hope this was helpful and good luck in your decision making as your pursue a career.
Thank you very much Donna, this was very helpful I really appreciate it! Paul P.

Julie’s Answer


Pediatric nursing requires a general RN nursing degree in college, so either an ADN (2 year) or BSN (4 year) degree first, followed by getting hired into a pediatric nurse position, either in a hospital, doctors office, PACU, etc.

Make sure you focus on your pediatric clinical and find some good resources in college for peds. Working with kids and families is extremely rewarding, and having some general knowledge of children, like developmental levels, interests, is a plus. I did a lot of babysitting in high school, and was a nanny during college, as well as volunteered with churches in the childcare areas, before becoming a pediatric nurse. Every little bit helps!

Good luck to you, your future is bright no matter which type of nurse you become!

Thank you so much I appreciate your feedback! Paul P.