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Julie Rubicz

Adjunct Clinical Instructor Pediatrics at St.Clair Community College
Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Detroit, Michigan
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Karen’s Avatar
Karen Oct 04, 2019 494 views

how long does it take to become a registered nurse

#medicine #nurse #nursing #proffesion

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Nov 20, 2019 525 views

What are some downfalls in going into the medical field.

I want to get my BSN and work in labor and delivery. #medicine

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Oct 24, 2016 1934 views

How long does it take to become an RN and what are the steps?

I am going to become a nurse, but I'm unsure of how getting my basics, while studying nursing, works in college. #registered-nurses #nurse-midwife #nurse #nursing #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Ana’s Avatar
Ana Mar 26, 2018 1417 views

Whats the difference between MSN and DNP?

A DNP degree generally takes a longer time to complete compared to a MSN degree. Aside from that, what would be the difference in job duties between these two degrees? Would a person who has a DNP degree get to experience more than the one who has a MSN degree?
#Medicine #Nursing #DNP #MSN

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Jan 25, 2018 750 views

What kind of education does a pediatric nurse need?

My goal in my career is to be a pediatric nurse. #medical-education #pediatrics #medicine #pediatric-nursing

Chantelle’s Avatar
Chantelle Jan 15, 2018 684 views

Should I become a pediatric nurse or a pediatrician?

#medicine #nursing #pediatrics

Brittani’s Avatar
Brittani May 24, 2016 881 views

What are the most important classes to take for Neonatal Nursing?

I am about to become a freshman in college and I would like to become a Neonatal nurse. Ever since i was a little girl, looking through the glass at the babies was always the first thing an the only thing i wanted to do hen walked into a hospital. #doctor #neonatal #nursing #medicine...

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Jan 24, 2018 642 views

How Do I Get Through Pre-Reqs?

I am a mom, nurse, college student, and now I'm "coaching" my 9 year olds' rec league soccer team!!! I know it's a lot, but I want to be involved with my kids, but I need to work and I'm trying to get my RN so I can provide a better life for them. I am currently enrolled in A&P 1 and my...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Jan 24, 2018 595 views

What is it like being a Pediatric Surgeon?

I want to become a pediatric surgeon when I am older and I want to know how other surgeons feel about their job. If they get close to the kids and how they feel to give kids another chance and save their lives. #medicine #pediatric-surgeon

Kamden’s Avatar
Kamden Nov 29, 2017 719 views

What college classes do I need to take to become a nurse?

I'm asking because I want to go to college to become a nurse. #medicine #nurse #registered-nurses #nursing

Asia’s Avatar
Asia May 21, 2016 923 views

How do you like working as a RN?

I want to become a RN and I want to know what to expect. #registered-nurses #nursing #nurse #hospital-and-health-care #medicine

Janelle’s Avatar
Janelle Oct 21, 2016 903 views

What are the best pre-requisite courses to take (as in types of sciences, maths, etc.) in order to prepare for a medical career?

I specifically want to become a radiologist technician, physician assistant, or registered nurse. I am the youngest of my family, and I want to be the first to attend a university. I need all the help I can get to ensure my success in the future. Thank you very much. #medicine #university...

Michela’s Avatar
Michela Nov 17, 2016 991 views

Nursing or PA?

Which one would you recommend? Im interested in both #medicine

Ritaisha’s Avatar
Ritaisha Oct 30, 2016 1586 views

What do you enjoy most about nursing and Why?

I want to know what makes someone so excited about their job. #medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #pediatric-nursing #nursing-education