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What are the important things that should be in other to be a good football analyst?

I am a grade eleven student and I love sports a lot especially soccer. I need to know the things I can do to make me a good football analyst

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2 answers

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Victory’s Answer

As a woman and a lover of soccer there are several important things you can do to become a good football analyst:

1. Deep Knowledge of the Game: Understand the rules, strategies, and tactics of football. Watch games, read about different playing styles, and analyze match performances.

2. Statistical Analysis: Learn how to interpret and analyze football statistics. This includes understanding metrics like possession, passing accuracy, shots on goal, and more.

3. Communication Skills: Develop the ability to articulate your analysis effectively, whether in writing or verbally. Being able to convey your insights clearly is crucial.

4. Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest news, trends, and developments in the world of football. This includes following teams, players, and leagues closely.

5. Critical Thinking: Sharpen your ability to think critically and objectively evaluate player and team performances without bias.

6. Networking: Build connections within the football community, such as with coaches, players, and other analysts, to gain different perspectives and insights.

By focusing on these aspects, you can take significant steps toward becoming a proficient football analyst. Good luck with your pursuit!
Thank you comment icon Thanks for your encouragement! Isaac
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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Isaac !

This is a very unique and exciting career interest ! Being a sports analyst for American football or soccer seems to have a good path to take so I will give you some advice on how to be prepared.

For the remainder of 11th grade and in 12th grade, make an attempt at getting permission to sit in on soccer and football practices at your school to observe. The more you observe the better and more inspired you will be and it will broaden your scope. I would also advise taking a video class or anything connected to Journalism or Broadcasting class in high school as well as a writing class to sharpen those skills that will be needed to be a Sports Analyst.

I would highly advise going to college and getting a Bachelors Degree in Journalism or Communications. That will be your foundation for this career. You can minor in Physical Education which will also help your insight. You may have to take two elective general education courses in college to fulfill a Physical Education requirement, so you can take soccer and take football if it is offered. Inquire about being a sports writer for your college newspaper or online website. The more experience you obtain, the better your portfolio will be. Keep a reel of any broadcasts you do presenting sports information. You can go for a Bachelors Degree for this career and college may be a good chance to meet contacts and learn more about leads for work in this profession. College will also prompt you doing projects that can help you build a resume. I would also suggest creating a sports analysis blog so that people could see examples of your work when you apply for work.

Since you would be working in all media, become familiar with your market. See if there are any internships at any of the outlets because experience will be key for this career. I would suggest that looking at sports analyst jobs on Linked In and Indeed would help you greatly for insight about what employers are seeking in an applicant. Become certified in Sports Analytics. I have left a link to information about this Certification in a link below. I have also left some links below for some online sports analytics courses online. These may give you a head start.

I hope that this is helpful in starting you on your way ! Best wishes in all you do !

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Thank you comment icon Michelle, thank you! Isaac
Thank you comment icon You are very welcome, Isaac ! Michelle M.