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What are effective ways in entering the education field?

I am interested in working in a school setting as a carer counselor or academic advisor and would love to know how to achieve this goal. #academic-advising #higher-education #education

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2 answers

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Sarah’s Answer

Hi Manuel,

It depends on whether or not you want to work at the K-12 level or the college /higher education level. Do you know which one you're leaning towards?

I personally fell into the field of higher education by working and volunteering in different departments (Admissions, New Student Services, First-Year Experience) during my time in college. All of these experiences helped me realize that I enjoy working with students in that kind of setting, and they helped me build my network when it came to searching for jobs ahead of graduation (and even now)!

If you're leaning towards K-12, then I would recommend finding volunteer opportunities at local schools (things like after-school instructor or tutor positions). It doesn't sound like you want to do "teaching" or "tutoring", but sometimes those avenues are a good "in" for future educators.

In terms of education level, to do what you want to do at the college-level, many colleges are looking for a Masters degree (usually, but not always, in higher education or something similar). Now, that is not a requirement! For me, I wasn't ready to go to graduate school, so I started off as an AmeriCorps State member working with college students in Texas. This helped me a get my foot into the door, so I worked in an education non-profit for a bit. (That's also something to consider; there are many education non-profits out there!) If you want to move up in the field of higher education (and become, for example, a Dean or a Director), they often are looking for that Masters.

At the K-12 level, if you want to move up and become an administrator at the school, then they are often looking for graduate-level degree.

I love that you want to go into this field; let me know if I can be of more help!

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Jeffrey’s Answer


Great question! There are many routes into the field of education. It simply depends upon your location. However, since there is a shortage nationwide of educators at all levels, you can be a professional in another industry and move into education. That was me. I was a business executive prior to becoming a teacher. So you don't have to start as an education major. It can be a transitional choice later on in your career.