Is it better to go right to college after high school or wait a year?

Im asking because is it better to save money then get a loan for college.

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A looming question of all students debating on the 'right' path. But the 'right' path is different to individuals! If you honestly feel like you need a break, then take it. If you are just unsure of what you want to pursue -- I encourage you to try community college. It's cheaper and will give you exposure to different classes while knocking out the first two years of general study! My personal experience was the following:

I went straight from high school to community college and worked full time... I wasn't challenged enough so I decided to change it up and joined the Reserves... I then changed my mind after serving a year or two in the reserves and put myself though college

I did a little of everything, so truly don't feel pressured! You can change your mind as you see fit, just make sure you finish whatever you start at some point! Good luck to you!

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There is no correct answer to this question.

I went to college straight after high school and looking back I'm not sure if I had taken a year off in between if I ever would have finished school. It is very easy to say "I'll take a year off to work and go back" but I know a lot of people who never did.

To save money and be able to have more time to figure out exactly what you would want a degree in there is always the option of community college. There are so many great community colleges these days that offer a wide variety of Associates Degrees and can assist in finding the best University or State school to continue on to.

I would definitely consider all options before deciding. Good luck!

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Hi I think it is better to go after high school that way you are not getting distracted and loose sight of your goals. You can always apply for student Ioans or always seek help from family. Good luck and God Bless

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It would depend on your individual situation, so this is a hard question to answer. It not only will have to do with the financial aspect, but there is an emotional aspect as well. I went to college right away, my sister worked for a year out of high school before college. If you can transition well to a college environment right out of high school, then that might be the path for you. If you need a year to work and declare a path, that is a great choice!

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HI, Good question, it is more of a personal choice for you and your situation...like Meg mentions above. I personally waited a year, worked and joined the military reserves...the the military helped me pay for some of my college and I was awarded college credit based on my military service and training as well. I will say one thing, if you wait - there is the temptation to not go to school at all or finish your degree ... I went to college part-time after waiting a year and did not finish for a while...I did not get my bachelors degree until I was 35 years old. Both of my daughters went to college for 4+ years out of high school and finished their degrees before going to work full time...and I know they do not regret their decisions. Good luck!

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There's no right answer for everyone. It really needs to be a personal decision based on your preferences and life circumstances. I did not go to college right after highschool. In fact, I started working in retail while I was still in highschool, then went to a technical school for a certificate in "Office Automation". That gave me the basic skills I needed to become an Executive Assistant for the store manager of a large retail chain, which gave me tons of experience and life lessons about the workforce that I would not have had in college. I have been very fortunate in my career to have advanced as far as I did without a college degree! Having good communication skills is a MUST and presenting yourself in a professional manner as well. I finally went for my degree while I was working in a slow-paced job because I could handle both workloads at the same time, but being able to add that degree to my resume has not really made that much of a difference for my career. I was able to do it on my own, just by being a great communicator, having great organizational skills, paying attention to detail and presenting myself in a professional manner.

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I honestly would have to agree with some of the other responses. We can tailor our futures by present choices. I can tell you in my personal experiences the individuals I know that furthered their education immediately after high school are in really great positions in their lives now. I did take a break, which turned into a LONG break. I regret not pursuing college right after, and I felt I needed a break at that time, looking back at things now I would have enrolled even in a community college. I am paying for that decision well into my 30's. If you can, do it! You will enjoy life more with a solid education under you, and a great field to go into after college graduation that a high school diploma can't get.

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From my experience, as well as freinds and family, I believe the best decision would be to go straight into college after high school. I have seen, too many times, where someone decides to "take a break" from school and ends up never going back. This goes for the transition from high school to college, or just skipping a semester during college. Simply put, life gets in the way. An entry level job where you start getting promoted (but only to a point since you don;t have a degree). Relationships. Travel. It all is fun however easily derails you from focussing on college adn your future career. I suggest anyone to focus on getting that bachelors degree right out of high school and let nothing stand in your way.

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It depends on the situation of the individual. Sometimes if there are financial constraints going to Community college is an avenue to go.

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Going to college is a major investment that you should definitely plan for -- if you can work out the financing to go right after high school -- and you're ready and excited to go to college -- that's great. Waiting a year or more is also a good plan if you will be better prepared financially or otherwise.

I went to college 2 years after high school, and it was the best decision I ever made. I used the time between high school and college to travel and work -- in fact, one professional experience I had before college turned into my first professional job after college: I was a writer for Prudential before college and later hired as a publication editor after college. Ultimately, I became a communication consultant and have worked for many Fortune 500 companies in the past 25 years.

In addition, the time I spent working and traveling before college made me a much better student -- it prepared me well for the application essay and all of my early coursework -- I earned straight As my entire freshman year and wound up earning an academic scholarship that paid for my last 2 years. So the time off before college was a great investment in my future success!

Best wishes for your success!

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