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Meg Layton

Director of Security Intelligence and Critical Response Engineering, Cyber Security Group at Symantec
Computer & Network Security
Franklin, TN
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Kalp .’s Avatar
Kalp . Jun 04, 2013 129891 views

Difference between computer engineering and information technology?

My son has completed 10th CBSC with 70% marks. He wants to go in IT line. We have two choice for diploma in M.S. University, Baroda. I want to know that what is the difference between diploma in computer engineering and diploma in information...

Jose Luis S.’s Avatar
Jose Luis S. Mar 23, 2015 1258 views

What career choices are there for someone who is looking for a job in psychology, but is also interested in computer engineering and social media?

I'm asking because I want to know if there's a profession out there that involves all these things I'm interested in. I like hands on things and working with people, but I also like technology. psychology computer-engineering social-work computer-engineer...


Jackie Z.’s Avatar
Jackie Z. Mar 25, 2015 1487 views

What to do when you have no idea what career to go into?

Hi, I am currently in grade 10, and many of my classmates seem to already have their whole life planned out. I live in Canada, and I really want to get into an American University, but the chances are slim due to my lack of opinion on what career I really want. In school, I am doing well in...

stressed career high-school university

Paige  M.’s Avatar
Paige M. Apr 09, 2015 40606 views
Will C.’s Avatar
Will C. Apr 09, 2015 2172 views

Where do I start learning how to create a video game?

I have a basic understanding of what creating a video game is like, but I don't know where to start. I don't know how to code or program, I'm not exactly tech-savvy. I don't know where to start! I want to at least learn the basics of creating a video game before I go to college for it. Is there...

video-games video-game-design

Davonte M.’s Avatar
Davonte M. May 18, 2015 1140 views

What are the requirements of becoming a game designer? Is it worth it?

You design a game, yes, but will I be responsible for possessing any other skills? Do I need to be good at coding, math, etc to even think of being a game designer? Most importantly, is game design worth it compared to my other choices like coding? Are game designers in high demand or should I...

game-design computer-science art

Shawkat A.’s Avatar
Shawkat A. Jun 14, 2015 1684 views

What should I know about software engineering and computer engineering ?

Im graduating high school next month and i want to apply for a bcs. in either software or computer engineering. i want to know the difference between them and i want to know how to prepare. what i mean by preparing is what programs or coding languages or any kind of hardware i need to be...

Jackson T.’s Avatar
Jackson T. Jun 26, 2015 644 views

If you were to choose out of LSU and Florida gators which one has a better football team.

its only because i have a love for both colleges and their history in the past i am trying to choose but cant get my mind around one. college football...


Audie S.’s Avatar
Audie S. Sep 02, 2015 1015 views

What are some prerequisites to game design and programming? (i.e. 3d modeling, scripting, etc).

I was just wondering if there were any programs where I could start practicing how to do these things. I have experience with some 3D design and some coding skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, and a bit of PHP. It would also be nice if someone would recommend to me some sourced game...

computer college game

John  W.’s Avatar
John W. Sep 03, 2015 1369 views

I am considering my options for a career out of college, and I am looking at a career in computers, gaming design, or computer security. I would like help in knowing what steps I can take out of high school.

I am a senior in high school, and I am looking for a career that will be beneficial for me after college in terms of salary and also a career that will not die out. I know this a tough topic to answer but I need some arrow to follow. A career in computers, game design, security, or something to...

computers career salary gaming

Harsh  B.’s Avatar
Harsh B. Apr 10, 2016 914 views

I am a graduate of bachelor in arts and I am interested in computers what should I do ?

I would like to have my own website or I love to work as an online free lancer computers...


Shravani N.’s Avatar
Shravani N. Apr 12, 2016 827 views

I wanted to be a software engineer, which subject to be taken?

i wanted to work in software firm i am interested more in software development engineer educator software...


Eric P.’s Avatar
Eric P. Apr 13, 2016 687 views

What Skills do I need in order to work for computer security and hacking?

I am asking this question because I am interested in joining this field a number of cyber terrorist are growing and needs more people to defend against them. I've been interested in computer science for a very long time and after long amounts of pondering I figure out that computer security and...

computer mathematics

Casey M.’s Avatar
Casey M. Apr 15, 2016 702 views

Would it be beneficial to take classes on human behavior and psychology for a career in national intelligence and national security?

I am a sophomore in high school in Boston and I am interested in pursuing a career in national intelligence and security, to prevent the United States against foreign nations. I am wondering what specific classes would help me pursue this career. psychology intelligence national-security...