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How did you decide on your career?

Asked Franklin, Tennessee

Hi, i am in 9th grade and constantly worry about my future. I am always online googling information that i hope will give me something to let me know that i would be useful in a certain profession. I want to understand how people came to choose their professions, without knowing if they would be good at it or not. I love animals and want to possibly be a vet, but i am worried i am not smart enough, or it isn't the right fit. I have many other interests too, and don't know what i will be best at in the future... #technology #veterinarian #surgeon #photography #animals #laboratory #modeling #anesthesiologist

5 answers

Savannah’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

HI Megan,

I started photographing when I was seven but I didn't start working as a photographer till my late twenties. I explored different careers before i decided what was best. The point is to follow your passion and have fun. Don't worry too much about having stuff. You don't need fancy things in life. Go for experiences get a backpack and travel during the summer. I took road trips every summer in high school. Talk to as many interesting people as you can. Google people who works with animals and email them. People will write back. Savannah

Sally’s Answer

Updated Frome, England, United Kingdom

You have PLENTY of time to work this out. When I was at school, all I wanted to be was an Illustrator for children's books. So I concentrated on my Art A level and little else. I left school and spent a year at art college and then decided to get a job and the first that came up was in a shop job. I didnt realise my dream until many many years after leaving school. Since leaving school I have worked in many different industries, all of them really interesting and fun: pest control, web design, administration, retail, hotel, MOD, technician, Civil engineer, art gallery steward, photographer. At the age of 30, I settled in engineering, liked it and my employer paid for me to get qualified in civil engineering. I thoight this would be my career choice until I retired, but it wasnt. Now I am nearly 50 and I have just left the engineering industry to do what I have always wanted to do since I was at school and that is to be a Professional Illustrator. So I have come full circle.

My son has just left school and he has no idea what he wants to do but that is absolutely fine, because it will come to him one day. There is no rush. I didnt get very good grades for going on to college afterwards, when I was at school, but I made up for it after I left school, with work and experience and my employer believed in me.

Dont worry, enjoy life. Be dedicated to whatever it is that you choose.Try as many interests as you want, or stick to one, you will be fine.


Bob’s Answer

Updated New Freedom, Pennsylvania

I have been interested in photography from a very young age, often irritating people by snapping candid shots. Many people own pets and this grew into larger animals , and where do animals play or live..Well outside and so landscapes also became an interest. I have a desire to get better at what I do so I learned darkroom techniques, and then digital software and cameras.

Try some shared days to see where your interests really lay. Talk to a vet and see if you can volunteer around the office. Many other professionals look for students to go general things around their workplace. This is a great way to see 'in real life' where your interests lay.

Academically, do you like to study and are you doing well in school? Some professions, such as a Vet, require as much education as a people physician.

Last by certainly not least, what are your personal goals? This ties almost directly to my point about share days. Really talk to professionals about what their life is like within their job. Some jobs take up an enormous amount of personal time even through the professional may make a good income. Other jobs may be more relaxed, but still allow you to make a comfortable income.

David’s Answer

Updated North Providence, Rhode Island

What interests you? What are you passionate about? You sound curious which I consider to be very good trait. What are you curious about? Where does your curiosity take you? I do believe you have plenty of time to make these decisions and as you mature your path will become clearer. But, most important is to dig into subjects that interest you. When I attended college, for the first time, I ignored my interests and that was a mistake. I focused my studies on a job, rather than on something that held my interest. If you follow your interests and passion, I doubt you will have to worry about whether you are good enough to do well. You will do very well.

Meg’s Answer

Updated Franklin, Tennessee

Smart question. However, a word of caution: there are many many many careers and people in careers which DID NOT EXIST when those same people were your age. I would urge you to consider the possibilities, for all you know you may be the first person in a brand new career in the future. It is not unusual for people to change careers when the need/technology/world changes around you. I would make a list of what you enjoy and things you would like to try, even if its something more global like travel. There are also tests which you will likely be given for Aptitude which may tell you what you might be good at. Mine said I would be good at computers, I scoffed - it was another 10 years before I figured out it was right!