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What is the name for this job, it has to do with Neurology?

Hello! For my future i'm looking for a career that has something to do with #neurology , or the #brain. I am mainly VERY interested in finding scientific breakthroughs (such as why we dream, and many other things)

Could someone tell me what the name for that career is, and how I can start to pursue it? Thanks!

Hi! If you are interested in a scientific career , maybe research is the best start for you. I don't know your background, but you can start a college related to healthcare such as biotechnology, pharma or maybe Clinical research associate. You can work for pharma companies in clinical trials and contribute to research of several diseases including neurology and brain fields. If you decide to choose medicine, its a long way but it's also an important role for a future researcher. name of career : Clinical research associate; clinical research assistant, medical science liaison, Clinical trial assistant, project manager, medical reviewer. Best regards Caroline Caroline H.

Ok... I'll search up those careers and have a look. Any earlier classes to take? Thanks! Ekeko S.

I was looking at clinical research associate, and I was thinking.. after I complete some research in this field, where would I go to be.. well.. What I am planning to be? What would be some classes for being a future researcher? Ekeko S.

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2 answers

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Mazen T.’s Answer

Neuroscience is a growing , dynamic and exciting field and it's great that you're interested in it.

There are a couple of major career paths that can pertain to what you're interested in.

  1. Neurologist: This is a medical specialty (either MD or DO degree) that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems dealing with the nervous system. While it is a clinical field in which you will be interacting with and treating patients, you can be involved in a great deal of scientific and clinical research.
  2. Neuroscientist: This is a purely scientific field (usually a PhD degree), which is entirely focused on scientific research and academics.

Both fields are quite challenging and require a long road of training that involves a great deal of discipline and dedication. Both can involve a great deal of research into the inner workings of the brain, though neurology tends to be more clinically oriented and typically (though not always) includes at least some clinical practice, while neuroscience is purely an academic discipline involving only research and teaching.

Thank you very much!! Do you know how many years of school are needed to be a neuroscientist? And about the salary? Appreciate the help! Looking very forward for my future. Ekeko S.

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Maria’s Answer


Here is a great info link