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How to become a successful brain doctor?

Hello! I am putting this question because i want to become a brain doctor.I am very interested to operate a brain. #college #doctor #medicine #studies #neurology

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3 answers

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Daniela’s Answer


To become a neurosurgeon in India, you will need to study M.B.B.S. from a recognized medical college after your 12th standard. On completion of M.B.B.S., you will need to sit for the Post Graduate Medical Entrance tests and score high to get into a college providing M.S. in General Neurosurgery. Hospitals offer higher salary to doctors with degrees like M.Ch. in Neurosurgery that can be done after finishing with the M.S. degree. You will also need to hone your surgical skills, which is a prerequisite for a neurosurgeon. Neurosurgeons need to have the passion, perseverance and patience to do their job skillfully and deal with the stresses of constant long hours in surgical theatre.

Hospitals and specialty clinics in India employ neurosurgeons for their neurosurgery department. Teaching positions are also available for neurosurgeons in medical colleges in the undergraduate and post graduate level. It has been seen that private hospitals offer higher salaries to neurosurgeons, but government hospitals provide better growth opportunities. Apart from being associated with hospitals and specialty clinics, several neurosurgeons also have their own private practice. The popular hospitals in India where neurosurgeons find placements are as follows:

Fortis Healthcare Limited
Apollo Hospitals
Manipal Medical College and Hospital
Sir Gangaram Hospital
Kailash Healthcare
Max Healthcare

There are several parameters that decide the salary of a neurosurgeon. Apart from the surgical skills and years of experience, salary is also dependent on the city or state you are practicing in, the industry you are working in and the size of the hospital. Here is an overview of the median salary range of neurosurgeons as per the various parameters. Take a look in:

Good studies!

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Richard’s Answer

In the US, to apply to medical school, you need a bachelor's degree. Any 4-year university should suffice.
Pick a major that interests you so you don't mind devoting a majority of your hours to studying. You will need to get good grades in college in order to apply for medical school. At the medical school I attended, the average GPA is reported to be 3.85, so even one or two B's can hurt your chances of acceptance.
Aside from this, any major is acceptable as long as you complete the prerequisite courses. I chose to major in biochemistry because there was overlap with the premed requirements and I wanted to complete my degree in 3 years.
Typical medical school prerequisites include:
Biology: Lecture – 4 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
General Chemistry: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Organic Chemistry: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Biochemistry: Lecture – 1 semester
General Physics: Lecture – 2 semesters; Lab – 1 semester
Math: Statistics – 1 semester
English: Rhetoric (Composition) and Literature – 2 semesters
Try to find opportunities to pursue research.
Volunteer at your local hospital or low-income clinic. Ask physicians, PAs or other clinical providers if you can shadow them.
During college study for and complete the MCAT. Devote an entire summer to studying for the MCAT and consider paying for a prep course if you can afford it.
My son used MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review 2019-2020: Online + Book + 3 Practice Tests (Kaplan Test Prep) Kaplan Test Prep
It was about $140 and he achieved his goal score.
Apply to medical schools during your last year of college.
Medical school takes 4 years to complete.
After medical school neurosurgeons complete a 6 year residency for additional training.
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Estelle’s Answer

To become a neurologist, here is the path.
Neurologists do not operate.
-College degree including the pre-med requirements & MCAT
-4 years of medical school
-1 year internship in internal medicine
-3 year neurology residency

Neurosurgeons operate on the brain. After medical school:
-1 year of general surgery
-at least 5 years of neurosurgery