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Any tips for graduate school interviews?

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Thank you comment icon Be confident, but not cocky. Don't try to hard to look good, and try to be friendly and not awkward. Make them want you. Good luck. Shannon
Thank you comment icon what an insightful question to ask!!! jelissa

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3 answers

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Vidya’s Answer

Hi Sarah,

These are few questions asked in a grad school interview:

-Why do you want to go here, instead of other schools?
-What are your research interests?
-How will you contribute to our program?
-What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
-What do you see as the major trends in your field of study?
-Tell me about you achieved a significant accomplishment?
-Lists some of your strengths and weaknesses.
-Tell me about your hobbies and interests.
-Where else have you applied?
-What questions do you have for me?

Hints for having a positive grad school interview.

1. Practice your answers: Now that you know some of the questions to expect, think about how you'd respond. Write down your thoughts to organize them, but don't memorize them or you might come across as stiff during the interview.

2. Think of relevant personal stories: These stories demonstrate how your life experiences have led you to grad school.

3. Don't forget about funding: Higher education is very expensive, and many graduate programs offer their students teaching assistantships or grants to help them defer costs.

4. Interview your interviewers: You want to make sure you'll be studying with faculty who share your academic goals and intellectual interests. Think of questions that you'd like to ask about the culture of the program and how students and faculty interact.

5. Be yourself: You're committing yourself to a year or more of intense academic study, and grad school isn't cheap. If you can't honestly tell your interviewers why you want to be admitted to their program, that may be a sign that that program wouldn't be a good fit.

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Bibhash’s Answer

In addition to some of the good comments already provided, here are some other unique questions that I've heard during graduate school interviews:
1. If you weren't looking to attend graduate school for (xxx) program, what would you be doing?
2. What question do you wish I asked you? [This is a way for an interviewer to see if you are especially confident about yourself.]
3. Tell me about your personal inspiration(s). [Be careful with these types of questions - it's easy to try to sound high and mighty by listing top names in the field. Instead, focus on more personal stories - people with whom you've directly engaged who have been important in your development.]

Good luck!
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Poonam’s Answer

Here are the best tips for graduate school interview:


Be on schedule for the interview. On time implies five to ten minutes prior. In the event that need be, leave early to drive to the interview location early so you know precisely where you are going and how much time it will take to reach. Give yourself a couple of additional minutes to visit the rest room, check your clothes, and stay relaxed.


Rehearse your answers to the common interview questions and answers most interviewers ask. Support your answer with concrete examples. The most effortless approach to do this is to make a rundown of the job requirements, and match them to your experience. Giving proof of your achievements is an extraordinary approach to promote your candidature.

Additionally, have your own set of questions to ask the interviewer.


It’s better to be honest rather than fake an answer to a question you don’t know. In case a question is asked for which you are not sure or don’t know the answer; you can simply say “Sorry, I don’t know” or “This is what I think but I am not sure”. Faking can drag you deeper into a flurry of questions.

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