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What is the PRAXIS?

I am an education major, so eventually I will have to take the PRAXIS. I was wondering what the PRAXIS will entail? Will it be like the ACT, or is there a writing portion? How long is it? Is it things I will have learned in my education classes or will it be Mathematic problems and correcting sentences? teacherlife teaching teachme teach

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2 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

The PRAXIS is a series of exams that are taken to enroll in a graduate teaching program and to obtain teaching certification in most states. There is the Praxis Core which is a more general exam/standardized test. It covers math, english/reading, and various subjects similar to the ACT & SAT. Some teacher prep programs and graduate programs require the Praxis Core, others do not. Most programs will take you SAT or ACT scores instead. Also, if you get above a certain score on your ACT or SAT your Praxis Core can be waived even if it is required. Then, you have to take the Praxis II (which is ussually taken during your graduate course study for your teaching degree, or during your ARC (alternate route to certification) program, but it can be taken before the programs or passed after your receive your degree. Most programs will require that you take it at least once during the time you are getting your degree, but you MUST pass the Praxis II in order to become a certified teacher. The Praxis II will be taken according to the subject you wish to obtain your certification in. You need to do research according to the sate you live in and the program you are doing as well as the field of study you are getting your certification in. For example, I am a secondary ELA teacher so I had to take the Praxis II (5039) Content & Analysis. This is similar for other secondary ed teachers, but they wil take it in their own respective subjects. In contrast, elementary teachers must first pass the Praxis foundations of reading test. Then they have to pass Praxis subjects tests in various subjects.

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Charles’s Answer

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