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Any “words of advice” from a person in the bio medical department?

Asked Los Angeles, California

It is a field I am quite interested in. #biology #biomedical

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Shannon’s Answer

Updated Tallahassee, Florida

If you're interested in getting into the biomedical field then narrow it down into what specifically interests you in it. Are you interested in being a biomedical engineer? Are you interested in being a biomedical scientist as opposed to an engineer?

all engineering fields require lots of applied advanced math so if don't enjoy math then stay away from biomedical engineering. Biomedical scientists use more biology and less math and computer science, so you could major in Biology and get into the biomedical field that way. From there you have to start thinking about what field of biomed. Do you like medical devices like x-rays, ultrasound machines, do you like researching vaccines/drugs? do you find DNA/genes/molecular biology interesting? Do you find artificial limb replacements to help those that are handicapped interested etc.?

Do some research in the current news and wikipedia about biomedical research and find out what you're most interested in, because the field is growing and it helps to get into the field if you know specifically what you want to learn about.