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Public Relations is a really broad field. What should I expect from an entry-level position once I graduate College?

Asked San Jose, California

I'm graduating this December and could use all the insight possible. #college #public-relations #student-development #internal-communications

2 answers

Rick’s Answer


Expect a lot of basic, very-basic work, Lots of writing, lots of building lists and lots of planning meetings. This will be your trial by fire so you have to approach it with a smile and the knowledge that if you can do this you can do the hard stuff coming down the line. It doesn't get easier but it does get better.

Jo-Ann’s Answer

Updated Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hello Edgar and thank you for your question. I was once in your shoes! If your college or university has a co-op component to your Public Relations program, it's a great way to garner some on-the-job experience. An entry-level position is to be expected when we're getting our feet wet for the first time. You can expect a myriad of duties such as research, proofreading PR Media releases and talking points, or crafting one of your own for approval and delivery.
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