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what jobs can someone get with a business major ?

I am really interested in majoring in business, but don't really know what jobs you could ge #in-business

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2 answers

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Gary’s Answer

Good answer above for you, I think a business degree is very useful in a lot of different career fields. It also makes you eligible to apply for entry level training programs with a lot of larger companies and agencies.
Within your business degree, you will have a lot of different areas for taking elective/open courses - accounting, computer science, marketing, management, etc.
You can work in a lot of different industries --- computers, insurance, any service business (like car rental agencies, retail stores and more)
Good luck!

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George’s Answer

A business degree is a general degree, meaning it is a great foundation for many types of careers. With a degree in business, people tend to go into sales, finance, accounting, or management. Some start their own businesses. It is a useful degree to have to get your first job. From there, you can get some on the job experience and then if you like management, get your Masters of Business Administration (MBA), which is one of the best degrees you can have for management jobs.

thank you this really helped Maria G.