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Alex H. Apr 08, 2014 1172 views

To run and own a business how much college is advised? Masters, bachelor?

I am interested in running my own business some day and just want to know what it's going to take to be successful. #entrepreneurship #masters #buisness #bachelor #enterprise...


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Julea P. Oct 01, 2014 4706 views

What can I do after school to practice marketing skills?

I am in high school and I want to build up my resume with marketing skills and experience. What did you do after school or on the weekends or vacations to get more marketing experience? If you help me come up with creative ideas for getting more experience I will be so thankful! #marketing...

#social-media #web-marketing

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Deric N. Oct 23, 2014 1426 views

I will most likely be entering the hospitality/management field soon. What top tier organizations require such services?

I am almost finished with high school. With college applications due next month and the end of my senior year a quarter done, I am desperate for insight on this major I intend to undertake #business #management #hospitality #relations...


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Cody V. Jan 12, 2015 1129 views

What are some good places to find inspiration?

I am 19 and have been out of high school for a year. At first I just wanted to work for a while and get my savings account up. Now that some time has passed I find myself under pressure to make some more serious strides towards my future but I don't really seem to have much to work for. Money,...

#career-path #motivation #career-exploration #priorities

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Dominick M. Mar 24, 2015 1108 views

How long will it take before I make at least 6 figures in business management and how long will it take until I get used to my job?

I am a high school senior and I want to pursue a career in business management. I want to know what it takes to be a good business manager. #business...


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Alejandro A. May 08, 2015 693 views

what jobs can someone get with a business major ?

I am really interested in majoring in business, but don't really know what jobs you could ge...


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Karina C. May 08, 2015 816 views

how hard is it to start up a restaurant?

I want to start my own business and I was thinking about a restaurant, and just curious on how hard it might be. #business #food...


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Colm L. Jun 24, 2015 6469 views

How do I get someone to sponsor me if I have a good idea and the commitment to follow it through.

I am a junior at George Washington Highschool and I am wondering how to get someone to sponsor an idea of mine, so I can start my business. #business #entrepreneurship #sponsorship...


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Gavin L. Jun 24, 2015 1116 views

What are some requirements to go to MIT or Google.

I'm a freshmen in high school intrested in working at google and going to MIT for college, I'm seeking information on how to get the job or getting into a college I dreamed of. #computer-software...


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Calvin K. Jun 21, 2016 1041 views

How useful is psychology in marketing?

I've interested in taking both marketing and psychology classes, so I'm wondering if the two complement each other. #psychology...