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How can I eventually become a Hedge fund manager? If ever?

I've always been sort of into business-y type things and more recently I've learned quite a bit about the market and have even started reading investopedia whenever I get bored. For some reason, recently I have been absolutely captivated by hedge funds...though many can have legally dubious activities going on in the background.


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2 answers

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Giacomo’s Answer

Hi Charles - the most important thing you can do to start is get the right education. I recommend studying computational mathematics, quantitative finance, economics, or math related field, or combination of these. Business Administration is more general business concept, and will not help as much with the more complex mathematical skill needed if you want to manage investments for a group of people, and be successful. I also recommend getting the CFA designation. This training will also help you prepare for what you will need to know to be a hedge fund manager. Do you read Wall Street Journal? I suggest starting to do this on a daily basis. Your library should have free copies of the financial publications. It is very important to stay abreast of current events. Have you started to save money to begin managing your own personal investment portfolio? There are brokerages out there that are free (Robinhood) where you can start to invest on your own, on a small scale, so you begin to get an idea of what it's like to manage your own portfolio. I am currently pursuing my CFA, read the Wall Street Journal on a daily basis, and in hindsight, I would major in Math, not Business. Let me know if you have other questions. Good luck, Giacomo

Giacomo recommends the following next steps:

Read Wall Street Journal
Look into CFA
College - math or economics
Save money, manage your own portfolio

I agree with Giacomo -- they are looking for quantitative skills, so I would recommend getting a degree in computer/data sciences. Patrick O

Great advice here from Giacomo, but don't forget to also focus on softer skills and relationship building. Hedge Fund Managers need to be able to engage a wide variety of industries and professions in order to run a fund that attracts investors. Matthew Stukenberg

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Bbhaves’s Answer

Charles, I think to be in Hedge Fund industry as trader, the most important credential is to get degree from Tier 1 school. In today's world, getting finance, math or accounting degree is not sufficient because lot of traders are using computer algorithms for trading and computer programming knowledge is as important. You need to focus on combination of finance/math/accounting and computer programming to have a good chance to get your first step into the door. Having an internship with Hedge Fund or Money managers will help you a lot.